Good Wood – Ride DH

So what’s in my quiver this season?  I’ll tell you… I’m loving the Ride DH for all mountain destruction.  This board is on the cutting edge of tech!  Thin Con construction for reduced swing weight at the tip and tail,  Carbon stringers for MAD POP, 85A Durameter slimewalls to cut down the chatter on bomber runs and still keep it buttery smooth on the jib tip, and Ride’s Cleave Edge technology to hold up to even the worst of beatings…. This board has it going on.

This board is a great high-end shred stick for anyone who is looking for one board to do it all well.  Park laps, pow days, jib sessions, switch, regular… The DH holds up to it all!  I rock it in a 159 for almost everything. 

Interested?  Check it out the specs on Ride’s website:

Ride DH 159


~ by hrocker on October 2, 2007.

5 Responses to “Good Wood – Ride DH”

  1. sweet graphics

  2. […] Ride DH Review: […]

  3. im looking to get the Dose, good to know you love its slimmer counterpart

  4. i own this board and it is the baddest board i have ever step foot on. nothing but props

  5. When this board breaks in, it really breaks in. My DH is a noodle.

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