North America’s 1st Indoor Ski Hill


I found myself tailgaiting at the Meadowlands last night before the Bruce concert… I know, how Jersey?  Anyway, here’s a picture of the progress on the Xanadu Indoor Ski Dome, the first of it’s kind in the North America. 

Tentatively scheduled for opening in the fall of 2008, the new Xanadu dome aims to offer year round skiing and snowboarding in the NY metro area.  While all the rage in Japan, this will be the first attempt to bring one of these man-made “mountains” to the states.  I’ll be curious to see how this water test pans out.  While massive in size, the structure does look somehow oddly small when mentally compared to even the most modest of natural ski hills.  I can’t imagine that they will be able to offer any more than a few straight runs.  Hopefully, efforts will be focused on building a quality terrain park, offering a winter skate park of sorts to take the edge off of those long off-season months.

 To learn more about the Xanadu project and keep tabs on their progress visit the website at:


~ by hrocker on October 11, 2007.

One Response to “North America’s 1st Indoor Ski Hill”

  1. It’s unbelievable that such a big country like the US with his nice parks like Disney doesn’t have an indoor ski resort yet!!!
    Any date for the opening scheduled yet?
    Looking forward to it!

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