Taking Bets – East Coast Opening Day

Slow news week in the world of East Coast snowboarding… I’m starting to get real itchy here.  The good news is that it’s starting to feel like fall is finally upon us.  Looking at my old friend weather.com, I can see that a nice stretch of sub-freezing lows are starting to move into the areas of the north.  And shreds in Utah and Colorado are already getting face shots and powder slashes… So I’m opening up a question for debate… Who and when do you think will be the first resort to open on the East Coast this season???

I’m going with the odds on favorite… Killington and I’m going to say Saturday November 10th! 

Post your thoughts below: 


~ by hrocker on October 25, 2007.

6 Responses to “Taking Bets – East Coast Opening Day”

  1. Nov 17th killington

  2. The battle is on!

  3. […] Cast your vote for who will open first on the east coast: https://liv2ride.wordpress.com/2007/10/25/taking-bets-east-coast-opening-day/ […]

  4. Any update on when Killington will open? flying up north for Thanksgiving, should i bring my board?

  5. Killington opens this weekend. Should be plenty to keep you busy for Thanksgiving weekend… Go get some!

  6. just diving back into old posts here, whats killington? o yea thats right, its the place with a season pass thats twice as much as the best resorts out west …. MOUNT SNOW investing some DOE and was the 1st open we NOW KNOW =P

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