Penfield Clothing Returns to the US

With a tight, core collection of clean, pared-down outerwear silhouettes and high-profile collaborations with streetwear giants DPM/MHI and Stussy overseas, Penfield’s US comeback is highly anticipated by in-the-know consumers looking for the next great thing in technical outerwear. It’s a homecoming of sorts for Penfield, the brand best known for down-filled outerwear that was established in Hudson, Massachusetts in 1975. The label had been on hiatus for more than a decade, but was revived in Europe in 2005.


Engineered to withstand the harsh conditions of a New England winter, Penfield products are made by people who know and love the outdoors. Across a range of down-filled outerwear, fleece, nylon windbreakers and cut and sewn items are the hallmark Penfield characteristics of durability, function and fashionable form. The brand has a long history of special collaborations and private label development. The Cape Heights factory (that produces Penfield products) has produced garments for LL Bean, EMS, Lands End and Cabelas. That tradition continues today with the brand’s ongoing DPM collaboration and exciting future collaborations across the top tier of directional streetwear.

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~ by hrocker on December 20, 2007.

3 Responses to “Penfield Clothing Returns to the US”

  1. shizzy is tiiiiiiiiiiiggghhhht!!!!!!!! Wait can you have too many puffys?

  2. Not in the Northeast

  3. can i get this in Florida

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