Lib Tech NAS (Skis)

So I was in my spinal surgeon’s office (getting old sucks), waiting as usual, and I come across a review of the Lib Tech NASs in SKI Magazine.  I have to say I was a little taken a back.  Lib Tech is making skis???  Aren’t these guys the original “Snowboards made by Snowboarders”, “Keep the ski companies out of snowboarding” company? 

So how did it come to this?  There they are right next to the Volkls and Dynastars… And worse they’re trying to be cute about it!  “We don’t make skis, we make Narrow Ass Snowboards (NAS)”  and they even go so far as to sell them as individual boards (with the reccomendation that you buy two and stand forward on them of course…)  I say lame.

My boy, Bill the “Style Whisperer” thinks different.  What do you think?


~ by hrocker on January 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “Lib Tech NAS (Skis)”

  1. Magnetraction works just as well on skis as it does on snowboards. The Lib Tech NAS skis are the future of skiiing!

  2. They are great skis, but they don’t hold up. I got half a season out of mine.

  3. Over the years I’ve only ridden one Mervin board (’01 GNU Factory Choice) I loved it! But it only held up a little more than a season (60 + Days). Since then I’ve always questioned their durability. I’m hearing great things on the banana and magne traction, so we’ll see… maybe they’ll win we back. HR

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