Spot Check: Mountain Creek South


As I posted earlier this year… Taking a page out of the Bear Mountain/ Snow Summit play book, Mountain Creek has once again stepped up their game this season by turning the South mountain into an “All Mountain Terrain Park”.  Showing once again why Mountain Creek is THE PLACE when it comes to progressive freestyle snowboarding on the east coast.  Still, the weather hasn’t been kind this winter in the  NY metro area and I have to say I had been a little hesitant to get up to Mountain Creek to check out the new set up at South even as I made my plans to attack it this weekend.

I should have known better… Just because there’s no snow in my backyard doesn’t mean it isn’t falling (manmade or natural) at the mountains.  I arrived at South this morning greeted by 2 inches of fresh that had fallen overnight.  And aside from the fresh snow I was immediately excited about the face-lift that South had received… The parking was ridiculous, but in a good way, front and center spot even rolling in past 10AM.  The lodge was clean and bright with a new make-over courtesy of some spray paint artistes and everyone I ran into actually seemed to be stoked on what they were doing. 

First stop was Grovers, for an egg sandwhich and some go-go juice.  Then a quick stop in the District for some essentials I forgot in the morning rush out the door.  The District is more than your typical resort shop.  They carry a pretty wide array of products and lines for both soft and hard goods.  The staff was knowledgeable and friendly and their pricing was comparable to your local shop.  Definitely check them out next time you’re up there.

On the hill, I was surprised again by the amount of coverage and snow condition, even with 3 days of rain this week, the riding conditions were some of the best I’ve experienced in area in recent years.  This is definitely another area where the Creek has stepped it up this year… The park crew was out in full-force all day maintaining the run-ins, take-offs and landings of the features, keeping everyone safe and riding happy.  The terrain consisted of 4 main lines with lots of off-shoots and connectors tying the whole place together.  It’s clear to see that the JibLab crew was busy this off-season building all manner of rails, boxes and transitions.  Open features varied from fun boxes and rails to jump lines and natural jibs and everything in between.  Some of the more interesting terrain features I found where the dragon rail, the natural log rainbow and C-rail and the RedBull feature jib (pictures below).  In total South offers 31 different jibs and 15 hits for your riding pleasure and if the weather gets a little more cooperative I can see they have even more waiting in the wings.

In total the riding was great and there was plenty to challenge riders of all ability levels.  This was made all the better by the complete and utter lack of crowds on the hill.  Something that had been unheard of for Mountain Creek on weekends in the past… I guess an added benefit of segmenting off the terrain parks from the main mountain and all the usual NY/NJ yahoos in their jeans and starter jackets.  My only regret was that I waited this long to get up there.

For more information on Mountain Creek South check out their new website:

south1 south2 south3 

south4 south5 south6 

south7 south8 south9 



~ by hrocker on February 10, 2008.

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