Student’s Lobby to Make Snowboarding VT’s State Sport

Just another reason to love the Green Mountain State…

February 19, 2008 – MONTPELIER — Swanton sixth-grader Jocelyn Shusda sat before the Senate Education Committee and laid out her case:

“Snowboarding is the best fit for the criteria for choosing a Vermont state sport,” she said.

Elevating the sport’s status would increase the amount of money coming into the state from snowboarders, would encourage people to be active and would be unique — no other state has laid claim to the sport, she said.

After months of research, Shusda and 15 of her classmates traveled to the Statehouse today to try to persuade legislators to pass a bill that would make snowboarding the official state sport.

Their testimony was part of a lesson in civics, persuasive writing and physical education all wrapped into one, said Swanton physical education teacher Greg Carpenter. After teachers listed every possible sport the students might consider, they chose snowboarding, even though few of them have tried the sport.

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