Who the F*#ck is Murphy Anyway?


It’s “Murphy’s Law” they always say… Well who the F*#ck is Murphy anyway?  And what kind of terrible luck that poor bastard must have had! 

I’m preparing for a business trip that is taking me to sunny Puerto Rico for a few days.  Most people I tell this too are very excited and somewhat jealous… “Oh, how nice to get away from all this cold and snow”.   For me, I loathe anything that takes me away from my ever shrinking window of shred time.  A trip to the Caribbean over what could be a snowboarding weekend… no thank you!

So when these things arise, business trips, family obligations, Tony & Tina’s wedding…  I know without fail that it will most certainly be epic conditions on the day that I leave and/or during my absence.  It’s “Murphy’s Law” right?  Today was no exception.  What weathermen were calling to be 2-4″ of snow and ice turned out to be more like 8-10″ of fresh powder with more on the way.  Today’s storm effectively doubled the entire snowfall total for the NY Metro area so far this season.  And as my friends wax up their boards and gas up their cars… I’m off to an 85 degree purgatory and will undoubtedly return to that all too familiar greeting “Dude you should have been here last weekend”.

F*#k you Murphy!  And your law!  The rest of you go and get some turns for me this weekend.  I wish I was joining you.


~ by hrocker on February 22, 2008.

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