Mountain Creek & Burton Bring the “Dirty Jersey Movie Contest”

Presenting the 1st ever Burton Dirty Jersey Movie Contest! It’s your chance to prove that you’re the best filmmaker around – get your best riders together, bust out that handycam, GTS, edit your little heart out, and send that bad boy over.

1st Place: Complete ’09 Burton Setup & an 08/09 season pass

2nd Place: an 08/09 season pass

3rd Place: Skullcandy Headphones & swag

There are a few rules though and if you don’t follow ‘em, yer outta here: All shots must be taken at Mountain Creek- doesn’t matter if it’s Vernon or South, but it has to be Creek, and it’s gotta be your original footage. Videos cannot be longer than 3 minutes No profanity, drug use, nudity, or anything else illegal. Videos must be submitted by midnight on March 31st, 2008 That’s it! Anything else is good to go- animation, claymation, you name it. Videos will be judged on shots, editing, riding style/ tricks, overall creativity and song choice, all weighted equally. Get crazy, show us something that we haven’t seen before, make us laugh, stand out. NOW GTS, YO

Visit: to enter


~ by hrocker on March 9, 2008.

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