VT Riders Lead Way at Grand Prix in Killington


Killington, Vermont, USA – March 17th 2008: The Chevrolet Grand Prix, a 5-Star competition on the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour, finally got under way today after a foggy weather delay last night. Slopestyle finals kicked off in the morning and Halfpipe finals took place in the afternoon making for an action packed day. Janne Korpi (FIN) and Claudia Fliri (AUT) stood atop the Slopestyle podium whilst American riders Louie Vito and Kelly Clark took the top spots in the Halfpipe. All four riders took home 850 TTR ranking points along with a sizeable portion of the $131 000 behemoth prize purse.

Here are the full results:



Janne Korpi FIN
Brandon Reis USA
Peetu Piiroinen FIN
Ian Thorley USA
Shayne Pospisil USA
Brett Esser USA
Ville Uotila FIN
Bobby Witty USA
Jake Black USA
Sage Kotsenburg USA


Claudia Fliri AUT
Mary Sallah USA
Jamie Anderson USA
Faye Gulini USA
Alexandra Duckworth CAN
Jordan Karlinski USA
Kyla Sobieralski USA
Taylor Owen USA
Nirvana Ortanez USA
Molly Wilson USA


Louie Vito USA
Gregory Bretz USA
Peetu Piiroinen FIN
Janne Korpi FIN
Steve Fisher USA
Nathan Johnstone AUS
Chris Waker USA
Markus Malin FIN
Brett Esser USA
Drew Brighton USA


Kelly Clark USA
Ellery Hollingsworth USA
Clair Bidez USA
Kaitlyn Farrington USA
Kendall Brown NZE
Kelly Marren USA
Sarah Conrad CAN
Elizabeth Beerman USA
Mercedes Nicoll CAN
Tricia Byrns USA


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