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Neff is now in the blog game. Neff Headwear has teamed up with the new lifestyle blog community, You can catch all the latest behind-the-scenes Neff haps going on at the Neff blog at

Neff has joined forces with Seshn as they were lacking a news section on their website. Because blogs allow anyone to self-publish their own content, it was a no-brainer for Neff to join Seshn and promote their content to a wider audience. Not only has Seshn given Neff a unique way in which to promote their news and happenings, but they have also taken it one step further by creating blog to email blasts. The blog to email blast allows visitors to subscribe to the Neff blog through email, so each time Neff makes an update, it blasts it out to all the subscribers on the list. 

Seshn is a new lifestyle community focused on snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing and the lifestyle that surrounds it. The site also features art, design and music content as well. Seshn is built on a blogging platform that allows for many different participants to contribute content in their own way. Brands can utilize Seshn by creating their own blog to promote their news and content, photographers can sign up to contribute their photos to the community, and anyone can use the site to create their own blog in which they can share their voice with the rest of the network. 

Seshn is catching on fast! In just the few months it has been online, Seshn has a strong list of brands contributing to the site such as Rome Snowboards, Airblaster, Matix, Ashbury Eyewear, Eesa, Nikita Clothing & More. Seshn also has some great photogs contributing as well such as Cole Barash, Oli Croteau and Bob Plumb. 

For more information about Seshn go to


~ by hrocker on April 4, 2008.

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