Signal Snowboards – 3 Stage Rocker

Signal Rocker

Signal Snowboards is excited to unveil its ultra slick, super mind-blowing 3-stage rocker board. Steeps, deeps, bumps, jumps, rails, boxes and catapults—ride it anywhere, this board does it all! Comes in three sizes, 152, 156, 158!

Lightweight and affordable, collect all three! Available Fall 2008.


• Soft flex and unique design make it an excellent board for all riding levels.
• PARK ROCKER has reverse camber, making it not only a great board for the park, but also
a versatile board in powder.
• PARK ROCKER has silk-screened topsheet with multiple windows revealing core.
• PARK ROCKER cores are 100% Poplar, utilizing a 180-degree Opposing Grain Structure;
hand-laminated and cut with our very own C&C machine in-house at The Lodge!
• Signal cores use no finger joints!
• Average weight is a feather light 1.4lbs! Strong, Durable, and Long-lasting POP!
• All boards in the series (152, 156, 158) are made with machine-stitched Biaxial Glass
Weaves for durability, soft flex pattern and lightest possible weight.
• PARK ROCKER has a Radial Sidecut. The flex, stance, and sidecut are symmetrical—
whether you ride the PARK ROCKER backwards or forward the geometry is spot on.
• Our Magnum ABS Sidewalls offer the perfect blend of high impact resistance and
• Ultra slick Sintered Base.
• All Signal die-cut bases are assembled in-house at The Lodge.
Sizes: 152 156 158
MSRP – $339.00


~ by hrocker on April 21, 2008.

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