Tales of a 30 Year Old Camper – Day 1

Today is June 20th, the first day of summer.  My snowboarding season ended well over 2 months ago, yet I’m about to say something that most east coasters won’t have the chance to for at least another 4 months… “I’m going snowboarding tomorrow!” 

It’s pretty surreal to say… It was even more so to pack for last night.. but that is the beauty of the summer snowboarding trip.  Just when you thought all hope is dead and burried in the back of the closet.  Boom!  One last blast of winter.

So here I sit in the airport lounge in Newark, NJ.  Waiting for my flight to take me north to the lands where the white worm still reigns supreme.  It’s been quite a journey so far.  I arrived only to be told that my flight had been moved from Newark to JFK, then that it was moved from Continental to Northwest.  My plane is currently 45 minutes delayed and I had a 55 minute window to catch my connection in Minneapolis.  So the liklihood of both me and my luggage arriving in Vancouver together tonight is slim and none, and slim’s got one foot out the door.  But whatever the fates bring me I can still say this… “I’m going snowboarding tomorrow!”

Over the next 4 days I’ll be reporting daily on my mis-adventures from Whistler and the Whistler Summer Snowboard Camp.  Check back often and I’ll bore you with me tails of agony and defeat.



~ by hrocker on June 20, 2008.

5 Responses to “Tales of a 30 Year Old Camper – Day 1”

  1. Can’t say I’m not jealous. Although, I might have the opportunity to go out west and hit up Mt. Hood’s camp this summer. We’ll see what pans out. Hope you have a good time at camp. I noticed you are flying out of Newark… does that mean Creek’s your home mountain?

  2. u bastard

  3. o i just noticed the title, i always wondered how it would be at one of the camps being almost 30

  4. Hi Halley,

    Yep, the creek is my backyard mountain. I do most of my riding in VT though. Still try to get up to Vernon a few nights and off weekends each season to get my shred jones fix. They’ve done some great stuff with the park at South. Check out my spot check from last season.



  5. […] Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four […]

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