Tales of a 30 Year Old Camper – Day 2

My apologies for the delay.  Ran into some technical issues this week…



Day 2:

So after being up for almost 24 hours straight and arriving at Whistler just a little past 3AM, I awoke like I was shot from a cannon at 7AM to get a jump on my first day of camp.  I could hadly contain myself as I went through the familiar routine of putting on my snowboard gear in the dark.  I rushed out the door and down the elevator, through the lobby and our the entrance to… classic, Pacific Northwest Greybird!

No worries.  Nothing was going to bring me down today.  On to Black’s for breakfast and to meet up with my group.  I was told to meet there by 7AM to pick up tickets and meet up for the trip up to lifts.  It was now 7:25AM and no one is to be found.  I ask a waitress about where to go for the camp and I’m directed to a girl sitting in the corner with a clipboard.  Me: “Did I miss everyone?”  Clipboard Girl:  “Nope you’re the first one here”.  I proceed to order and eat breakfast. 

An hour later the rest of my group arrives.  I meet my Coach, Brandon.  Who is coach of the BC Snowboarding Associations Half Pipe team.  I’m stoked, because I suck in the pipe and figure he’s the guy to take me to the promised land.  Our adult group consists of myself, John and Jenn (friends from home, Maggie and her daughter Nicole from Oregon, Gabby and Ray from Boston and Randy from Florida.  We all head up to the mountain.

3 Chair lifts and bus ride later it’s now a little after 10AM and I am touching board to snow for the first time.  All is right with the world.  That quickly changes…  Sun, rain and rapidly falling temperatures are not the recipe for ideal conditions.  The snow can best be described as “Boiler Plate Mash potatos”.  The flat light does not help.  Because of the snow conditions and lack of prep time (today is the first day of the first glacier session of the season) most of the park features are closed or unrideable.  We make the best of it.  Day one on snow mainly consists of freeriding, laying mash potato pow turns on the steps, slashers on the trail edges, butters all over.  It’s shredding at it’s best and worst.  We spend the rest of the day sessioning the small rythem jump section and rolling over the larger hits for feel.  The day is all about getting our bearings and feel for the glacier.  It is a slight disappointment, but it is a day on snow in June and no one is feeling overly confident given the conditions.

Tomorrow we come out guns blazing… Go big or go home!


~ by hrocker on June 28, 2008.

One Response to “Tales of a 30 Year Old Camper – Day 2”

  1. i almost feel like im there, keep it comin!

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