Rome, Bluebird Movie Premieres at ASR

Going to be at ASR or live in the SoCal area?  Check out Rome and Bluebird Wax’s movie Premieres at Modus in San Diego:

On September 4th 2008, during the ASR tradeshow in San Diego, the two like-minded brands will get together to show the world their unique perspectives on snowboarding through film—the Bluebird Movie and No Correct Way. There will be no dress code, no ski-brand bar tab, no proper etiquette and no mobile phone company sponsor. What there will be are two of the rawest, most progressive and most fun-to-watch snowboard films of the year. And of course some free beer and a shotgun or two.


~ by hrocker on August 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Rome, Bluebird Movie Premieres at ASR”

  1. Gonna be siiiiick.

    I’ll send pics.

  2. So Lucky That I found your blog and great articles. I will come to your blog often for finding new great article from your blog. Thank you

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