Rome – Trucker Hat

In this time of Fitted, Flex-fit and flat brims, it’s become a task of almost epic proportions to find a “regular” baseball cap these days.  Over this past summer I must have looked in every shop from West Dover to Whistler trying to find the “Perfect Hat”.  Well, I need search no more.  Thanks to the fine folks at Rome SDS and the Trucker.  This is a hat that your grandfather would have been proud to wear.  If your grandfather was a rock’n rollin, beer swillin, hell raisin truck driver.  At $15 I challenge you to find me a better hat.

Pair it up with one of Rome’s fresh new T’s or a hoodie and you’re good to go in any season.


Rome-Doom                            Rome – Eraser

See all Rome’s 2009 soft goods at


~ by hrocker on September 23, 2008.

2 Responses to “Rome – Trucker Hat”

  1. find me a site with 09 rome, cuz im thinkin like you are man, last years trucker had some sweet green on it, i waited and waited and the shit sold out … its funny, im diggin the same T and hoodie

  2. Bry – You can find the Trucker, Doom and Eraser at the following shops:

    Eternal Snow:

    Eastern Boarder and Darkside carry some but not all 3:

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