Waterville Valley Premature Jibulation Wrap Up


Waterville Valley kicks ass.  The day that the first Premature Jibulation of the season was supposed to go down on November 15th, it ended up raining and being too warm to keep the pile of snow that had been blown up top, in snow form.  Thus, the tough decision was made to postpone the event for the 22nd, which couldn’t have worked out better. 

It was opening day, and there was snow top to bottom.  Luke Mathison and his park crew put together a jib yard that would rival some mountains mid -season’s lines.  Unfortunately, it got a bit windy so the lifts were on hold, but Waterville was still stoked to let the kids jibulate and served around 100 early season North East shreds hot dogs, chili and whoopee pies while they hiked boxes and rails for the afternoon. 

Gone are the days when judging a jib contest is an easy day to sit in a lawn chair, drink a few brews, and wait for the only 3 kids to lock in a front board so you can write their name down on a piece of paper and pick who’s 1,2 and 3.  It was ridiculous the level of skill all the riders had this season. 


For a ton more photos, links to videos on the event check out www.romesnowboards.com

~ by hrocker on November 26, 2008.

One Response to “Waterville Valley Premature Jibulation Wrap Up”

  1. chairlifts are overrated anyways

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