Spot Check: Carinthia Parks


Thanksgiving means a lot of different things to different people.  Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, football, family… To me, Thanksgiving means the official kick off to my snowboarding season.  Each year while the masses are sleeping off their tryptophan induced comas, I’m motoring up to Vermont to open my share house and kick the doors open on a new snowboarding season.

My first day at the home resort always brings with it a unique thrill.  It has that warm comforting feeling of something familiar, mixed with all the anticipation of something completely new and exciting.  This year brought an added level of excitement with the off-season announcement of the restructuring of Carinthia peak into an “All Mountain Terrain Park”. 

Mount Snow had opened the weekend before and word on the street was that Gaitor and the parks’ crew had thrown down hard for the new Carinthia kick off.  The word was right.  I arrived at Carintihia to find not one, but two full on terrain parks.  And I don’t mean early season terrain parks, these were legitimate mid-winter quality parks, complete with jump lines and rails, boxes and jibs of all variety.  Here’s the breakdown:

The park on Nitro consists of 14 small to medium features including a half dozen step down tables in the 15-20 foot range.  Aside from the jump line, some of the most enjoyable features were the wide variety of box rails and the barrel hip jib in front of the liftline.  For those of you not familiar with Carinthia, Nitro is also the trail that runs right under the main lift, so be sure to bring your A-game for the lookers on the chairs when you step to this run.

The park on the Gulch (not to be confused with the old park location of Un Blanco Gulch) is located at the top of the Heavy Metal double chair.  It consists of 12 different jumps and features in the medium to large range.  Standout obstacles include the street-style down rail, corregated tube spine and the large double jump line.

Once in full swing the Carinthia Parks will consist of 12 separate terrain park runs, including the legendary “Gut” superpipe and a 10-12′ foot mini-pipe.  Throw in the “Claim Jumper” glades and Carinthia will have something to meet all your snowboarding needs.  Speaking of needs… Forgot your beanie or you lost a glove?  Stop by The Vault snowboard shop in the newly renovated Carinthia base lodge.

Don’t forget that January 8th through the 11th the Dew Tour will be making its only east coast stop at Carinthia Parks.  Catch all the action as the top names in skiing and snowboarding come to Mount Snow to throw it down.

dscn0187  carinthia1  carinthia2

carinthia3  carinthia4

For more information on Carinthia Parks visit:

For more information on Mount Snow and the Dew Tour visit


~ by hrocker on December 1, 2008.

4 Responses to “Spot Check: Carinthia Parks”

  1. Glad you had a good opening day. We’re really excited to have the park crew that we do. They’re quite the overachievers and I know it means a lot to not just make people happy, but impress the hell out of them on opening weekend. 🙂 Have a great season and don’t be a stranger.


  2. You’re doing a great job with the Blog and the Mountain minute. We should get out and make some turns together this winter.

    Thanks for the feedback,


  3. Yeah the Parks are Legit. Can we get some pictures of the new features on Mineshaft? Need somthing new to drool over..

    • Hi Alex,

      I’m as curious as you… There is a pic of the new Down-Flat-Down box on the Carinthia Parks homepage. Maybe Halley will do us the favor of a new Mountain Minute showcasing the latest park… Halley?

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