Don’t Forget to Lock it Up

Snowboard season is here and with it comes snowboard theft season.  I was riding the lift this weekend with a NY State Trooper who was telling me about all the theft calls he’s already responded to at Holiday Valley this season.  Then I came across this article from Blue Mountain in the Poconos. 

When you’re out there shredding this season don’t forget to lock it up kiddies.  Or better yet, use the free board check that most mountains are now offering.  A few seconds of inconvenience could be the difference between a great season and a really bad day.

Shred Safe,


~ by hrocker on December 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Don’t Forget to Lock it Up”

  1. No kidding. Even with a snowboard lock there are a lot of thefts. I used to have a cheap small snowboard lock that used a thin wire to keep the snowboard in place but on my 2nd day out this season some kids snipped it and I lost my lock. Luckily I walked in on them just after they snipped it and they left the scene. Sucks that I lost my lock though. At least I didn’t lose my board. Now I have a lock with a really thick wire and hopefully people won’t be able to cut it with simple pliers.

  2. Hi Gordon,

    I use a R.E.D. cable lock. It’s lightweight and low profile, incase I fall on it, but it has a nice thick cable. Those recoiler locks are junk. Thanks for sharing.


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