Vail Chairlift Photo


So this thing’s been going around the old interwebs today like the clap in a Thai whorehouse.  The more I look at this photo though, the more something looks off with it…  I think I’m going on record and calling BS on the whole thing. 

According to the story being spread, the lift attendant forgot to put the seat down on the chair and somehow the unlucky subject failed to notice this and fell through the chair, was de-panted in the process and wound up hanging upside down under the chair.  That all seems like a pretty unlikely string of circumstance to me.   And what about the kid sitting on the chair next to him, he looks like he’s sitting fine?  Something seems off to me.  I’m calling fun with PhotoShop on this one.

Anyone out there see this happen in person?  Marty Odom, do you want to comment?  We’d love to hear your comments, send them along



~ by hrocker on January 7, 2009.

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