Mount Snow Dew Tour – Men’s Slopestyle Results

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

Norwegian big air ripper Torstein Horgmo held off the charge of fellow countrymen and snowboarding’s golden boy, Shaun White to take the top spot in the Men’s Slopestyle finals today.  Throwing down a near perfect run capped with a Switch Backside 1260 over the Money Booter, Horgmo’s impressive spins were enough to give him the win today.

Fellow Norwegians Andreas Wiig and Mikkel Bang also put together solid runs consisting of switch slides and spins and each ending their run with a frontside 1080 over the last hit.  Wiig and Bang’s scores were enough to put them in 3rd and 4th respectively.

But all 4,000 eyes at Carinthia were on Shaun White today.  Shaun threw down some of the most technical runs of the day including a front board combo on the first hit, a rodeo 540 off the canon, a 270 to front board and frontside 1080 on the money booter.  But in the end, much to the crowd’s dissapointment Shaun’s 92.33 wasn’t enough to top Horgmo and his smooth 1260.

Here are the complete Results:

1 Torstein Horgmo 92
2 Shaun White 92
3 Andreas Wiig 88
4 Mikkel Bang 85
5 Eric Willett 82
6 Scotty Lago 79
7 Brandon Reis 76
8 Sam Hulbert 74
9 Charles Reid 72.5
10 Yale Cousino 71
11 Madison Ellsworth 71
12 Kevin Pearce 58

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