White & Clark Win Superpipe at Mount Snow Dew Tour

Shaun White

P: Allisports.com R: Shaun White

Today was about as perfect a day in snowboarding as you get.  Fresh powder, bluebird skies and the world’s best snowboarders going head to head under the lights in the halfpipe.  The Dew Tour at Mount Snow certainly saved the best for last.

The main event started off with the Women’s finals.  It was clear from the start and the cheering fans that this was going to be a battle between Vermont locals Kelly Clark and Hannah Teter.  Kelly opened first and continued to blur the line between women’s and men’s riding with a big clean line or airs and spins including front and back 5’s and a frontside 720.  Teter followed with a big run of her own combo-ing  front and back 5’s and 7’s.  In the end the judges awarded Kelly’s massive amplitude, giving her the win in front of the cheering hometown crowd.  Nike 6.0 rider, 17 year old Ellery Hollingsworth rode into third place and completed the Northeast podium sweep. 

It was now time for the Men to take the pipe.   As the sun set and temperatures dropped, the group of men’s finalist got to experience the “Ice Coast” at its finest.  The first runs of two were marred with some gnarly crashes, bobbles and sketchy landings.  Only Kevin Pearce and Steve Fisher were able to link it all together and put down solid scores.  Kevin struck first with a  run of front and back 9’s and back to back 1080’scoring a 90.00.  Steve followed up with a super clean run of 9’s and 10’s of his own to take over the top spot with a 92.75. 

These scores would hold up through the rest of the first runs and most of the second round until we got back to Shaun White and his last chance at the podium.  Say what you want about the media hype that is Shaun White, this kid knows how to ride a snowboard and he knows how to win… period.  In the ensuing run Shaun treated the few hundred Mount Snow fans who braved the cold to the highest scoring run in Dew Tour history.  His run consisting of an alley oop 540, backside 9, frontside 1080, cab 1080, frontside 720 to switch backside  alley oop rodeo earned him a 96.25 and the overall Dew Tour points lead.  Breck Dew Tour winner Danny Davis had the last chance to stop Shaun’s comeback but a few bobbles on the landings and a goggle mishap ended his run and sealed Shaun’s victory.

I would be remissed here not to also mention crowd pleaser Scotty Lago’s explosive runs.  If not for a slight bobble on his last hit Scotty might have found himself a spot on the podium with White and Fisher. 

Here are the final results:

Women’s Finals:

1 Kelly Clark 90
2 Hannah Teter 88
3 Ellery Hollingsworth 83
4 Kjersti Østgaard Buaas 68
5 Charmaine Ironside 54
6 Kaitlyn Farrington 32

Men’s Finals:

1 Shaun White 96
2 Steve Fisher 92
3 Kevin Pearce 90
4 Danny Davis 89
5 Mason Aguirre 84
6 Scotty Lago 80
7 Matt Ladley 71
8 Charles Reid 59
9 Dylan Bidez 49
10 Elijah Teter 46
11 Greg Bretz 17
12 Luke Mitrani 7

For more pictures, videos and results visit: Allisports.com


~ by hrocker on January 12, 2009.

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