eesa Introduces Supersox in 2010


Rocking the sock world eesa introduces 100% bamboo fiber in every sock it builds. Bamboo is a naturally green fiber packed with eesa’s proprietary M.A.Q. (Moisture-wicking, Anti-Microbial and Quick-dry) technology. These feature benefits keep you dry-and-comfortable which means more time doing what you love from snowflake-to-streetscape.
Coupled with our green fiber story eesa launches S.O.S. – Save Our Socks a call to action for consumers to send us their old used synthetic socks so we can recycle and reduce them by sending them to people who can use them to clean up oil spills or turn them into bedding and pillows. eesa wants to be your enabler in the recycling, reusing and reducing movement. If you are interested in saving old socks (S.O.S.) – send ‘em in to: S.O.S. PO Box 323,Waterbury, VT 05676
eesa continues to offer a killer selection of lifestyle layering in bamboo blended tee’s, poly-bonded fleece hoodies and the back to basics black box collection, adding a couple key pieces such as our union suit, lightweight hoody and magical shorts.

Visit for more product info


~ by hrocker on January 23, 2009.

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