Winter X 13 – Big Air Results


In a 3 round, viewer decided, head-to-head battle Travis Rice came out on top for redemption in tonight’s snowboard Big Air competition at Winter X Games 13 in Aspen, CO.  Under the lights and through the channel he had crashed on earlier Travis’ creative flip and spin combos prevailed over the field of Norwegian competition.

Round one saw fellow countrymen Torstein Horgmo and Andreas Wiig battling it out to advance.  Horgmo opened with a casual switch bs 1080.  Wiig led off with a fs 1080.  In the second of his two jumps Horgmo stepped it up to the switch bs 1260.  Wiig responded with a double cork fs 1080.  The audience texted in the results and put Horgmo through to the finals.

In round 2 the lone american, Travis Rice faced off against Kevin Pearce stand-in, Mikkel Bang.  Bang rode first starting with a switch bs 1260.  Rice warmed up with a double backflip  bs 180.  In their second jumps Bang repeated with another 1260 and Rice threw his pattented double back 1080.  With the home crowd audience behind him, Travis sailed into the final with a staggering 92% of the votes.

This set up for a rematch of last year’s finals with Rice squaring off against Horgmo.  Horgmo scratched on his first attempt with a bobbled landing on a well sent switch bs 12.  Rice took advantage landing a double back, double grab bs 1080.  On his second jump Horgmo cleaned up his 12 stomping it near perfect.  Rice then had a bobble of his own on his second jump.  It was all up to the viewing audience now.  When the votes were tallied, Travis came out on top with 78% of the votes, giving him the gold medal and a little redemption after yesterday’s gnarly crash. 

Click here to see why Travis is more man than you.

~ by hrocker on January 23, 2009.

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