Winter X 13 – Women’s Slope Qualifiers

winterx11400v2_455Here are the qualifiying results from today’s women’s slope pre-lims.  Top 6 finishers move onto the Finals.

1.         Jenny Jones  Bristol, Great Britain  84.33

2.         Spencer O’Brien  Whistler, BC, Canada  80.33

3.         Megan Ginter  Seattle, Wash  76.66

4.         Kjersti Oestgaard Buaas  Trondheim, Norway  70.66

5.         Hana Beaman  Big Bear, Calif.  64.66

6.         Kimmy Fasani  Mammoth Lakes, Calif.  63.66

7.         C.C. Curry  Deschutes River Woods, Ore.  44.00

8.         Bev Vuilleumier  Incline Village, Nev.  42.66

9.         Chanelle Siadics  Newport Beach, Calif.  42.33

10.        Silvia Mittermueller  Munich, Germany  42.00

11.        Leanne Pelosi  Calgary, AB, Canada  34.66


~ by hrocker on January 23, 2009.

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