Winter X 13 – Women’s Pipe Finals

winterx11400v2_455This Winter X pipe belonged to Torah Bright.  After throwing down what arguably may have been one of the best women’s runs ever in qualifiers, Torah stomped the competition tonight to earn her second X Games gold medal.  With a damn near perfect run consisting of a bs 360 to switch bs 7 to well lofted McTwist into an air to fakie combo’d into a fakie to forward 720, Torah posted a score of 91.33.  Enough to hold off Vermont’s Kelly Clark and Hannah Teter, who finished 2nd and 3rd respectively. 

In the scariest moment of the night, Gretchen Bleiler on her second run caught the deck with her heels on a fs 900 attempt and flipped head first down the transition.  Showing what she’s made of, she dusted herself off and rode away, but she did not take her final run.

Here are the final results:

1 Torah Bright 83.66 91.33 8.66 91.33
2 Kelly Clark 88.33 29.33 24.00 88.33
3 Hannah Teter 81.33 54.00 83.00 83.00
4 Ellery Hollingsworth 47.00 70.66 47.00 70.66
5 Kaitlyn Farrington 39.66 62.33 66.00 66.00
6 Gretchen Bleiler 40.00 10.66 0.00 40.00

~ by hrocker on January 24, 2009.

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