Winter X 13 – Men’s Pipe Finals

Dave Lehl

p: Dave Lehl

Last night in a puking snowstorm and amidst controversy Shaun White became the first athelete ever, man or female to win back-to-back X Games superpipe gold. 

It was a moment you couldn’t have scripted any better.  Fellow Burton rider and Vermont local, Kevin Pearce was sitting on a 2nd run score of 90.66 and Shaun was sitting in last place after falling on his first two runs.  Having qualified first Shaun would have the last chance at spoiling Kevin’s glory.  It all came down to Shaun’s last run of the night, the last run of Winter X 13.  Can you say pressure?  Not for Shaun.  Just another day at the office for Mr. White.

With Pennywise’s “Bro Hymn” playing in the background (a departure from Shaun’s typical Zeppelin soundtrack), Shaun proceeded to throw down a hammer of a final run.  Cue: fist pump and Shaun White afterbang.  It was now up to the judges, but ESPN announcer Todd Richards was quick to voice his opinions, commenting that “if Shaun wins tonight it will be his name that carried him”  Cue: controversy.

As Shaun and Kevin awaited their fates, the judges posted the final scores… a 91.66.  By 1 point, Shaun White had snatched victory and made history.  So did he deserve it?  Well, snowboard judging is a subjective thing.  Was it the best run that Shaun is capable of?  No.  Was it good enough to beat Pearce on this evening?  I say yes.  Here are the two runs in a hit-for-hit comparison, decide for yourself:

Kevin Pearce:

Massive fs air – Mc Twist – fs 1080 – cab 1080 – fs 900 – (skipped his last hit)

Shaun White:

Alley oop rodeo 5 – bs 900 – fs 1080 – cab 1080 – fs 900- McTwist

So what do you think?  Send us your comments.

To me the greatest dissapointment of the night was the fact that Shaun’s victory bumped Belmont, VT local, Elijah Teter off the podium.  Teter’s switch technicality and unorthodox runs were a breath of fresh air in an era of pipe riding where ballerina like spins are rewarded over smooth big style.  It would have been great to see Elijah get some validation for his efforts.

Here were the final results:

 1 Shaun White 63.66 54.33 91.66
2 Kevin Pearce 64.66 90.66 90.66
3 Antti Autti 82.66 84.33 87.33
4 Elijah Teter 53.33 86.00 86.00
5 Mason Aguirre 76.00 74.66 76.00
6 Steve Fisher 73.33 47.66 75.33
7 Andy Finch 70.00 38.33 70.00
8 Louie Vito 44.00 47.66 55.00


Click Here to see the video highlights

~ by hrocker on January 26, 2009.

3 Responses to “Winter X 13 – Men’s Pipe Finals”

  1. that photo rocks, its my desktop, i settled for screen shot after looking all over for the original size, any idea where i could find it

  2. whoops … mine is the pearce photo … with more huck on the meter … that white is a lucky dog

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