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Liv2Ride was recently invited to attend the grand opening of The Stash terrain park at Killington Resort.  The Stash at Killington is one of only 5 Stash terrain parks of its kind in the world and the only one on the East Coast.  So, with the sun shining and the mercury hovering around zero, about 50 or so selected journalists, photographers, industry insiders and Burton team riders: Dave Downing, Yale Cousino and brothers Nils and Hans Mindnich, took to the slopes of Killington to see what The Stash is all about.

Hans Mindnich fs 3 Tail

P: Liv2Ride R: Hans Mindnich fs 3 Tail

What makes The Stash terrain parks so different?  In the last few seasons we’ve all seen “The Natural” terrain runs popping up at resorts all over. How is this one any different?  First, there is the shear size of it…  This is not your typical, “take a ski run and insert features here,” set up.  Made up of several traditional ski runs and gladed areas, calling The Stash a “Terrain Park”  in the traditional sense of the term is certainly an understatement… I’d say The Stash is more of a natural terrain area with multiple park options once you enter through the gates.

Hans Mindnich Pole Jam to Fakie

P: Liv2Ride R: Hans Mindnich Pole Jam to Fakie

Over 6 months in the making, Burton and Killington broke ground on what would be The Stash earlier this summer.  Since then the parks’ crew has been busy clearing glades, moving earth and cutting and stacking  the fallen timber that would shape and become the jibs, jumps and artwork that comprise The Stash this winter.  “It’s amazing the amount of work and preparation that goes into making one of these” says Jeff Boliba, Burton, Global Resorts Director.

Then there is the creativity and flow that was so obviously put into the planning of the layout.  When asked about the ideas behind the invention of The Stash parks, Boliba had this to say, “The idea behind it (The Stash) was to bring that sense of freedom and creativity back to snowboarding… before we had terrain parks you had to find and create your own features from what was available.  The mountain was the terrain park.”  Dave Downing explains it like this, “You see so many kids coming up today that are killing it on the park jumps or rails, but you take them out of that environment and put them in something natural and they don’t know what to do… they’ve lost that creativity to read and adapt to terrain.”  The Stash is trying to bring that back.  Named for the proverbial “Secret Stash” that everyone has at their home mountain, The Stash is a place that’s meant to be explored and discovered over time.  With so many options, each time you ride it you’re bound to find new features and new ways to approach and interpret the terrain.

The Stash is certainly a unique riding experience.  I highly recommend everyone get up to Killington and discover The Stash for yourself.  My only advice is to make sure that you give yourself enough time to really explore The Stash and find all that it has to offer.

Liv2Ride  Jake Burton Circa 1977 by Scott Lenhardt

P: Liv2Ride Jake Burton Circa 1977 by Scott Lenhardt

Here are the hard details on The Stash:

  • Located on Bear Peak
  • Lift accessed from the Skye Peak Express Quad
  • 40+ All natural features – Glades, Rock Jibs, Log Slides, Wall Rides, Stump Jibs, Rock Ledges, Jibbable buildings, Cliff Drops, Snake Runs, etc…
  • Medium to Large sized features
  • Learn more at:

Check out the video below and take a run through The Stash with Dave Downing and Nils and Hans Mindnich ( How cold was it out?  So cold that the rubber gasket in my camera lens shattered.  That would be those black specs in the video.)

Other Stash Terrain Parks can also be found at Northstar-at-Tahoe, USA; Avoriaz, France; The Remarkables, New Zealand and Flachauwinkl Resort, Austria. For more information, visit:

For more information on Killington Resort and to check the latest conditions visit:

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4 Responses to “Spot Check: The Stash at Killington”

  1. Top Notch. Can’t wait to get there this season!

  2. awesome dude !

  3. Awesome!!! that place is nice.. I want to go there.

  4. […] Snowboards and Killington Resorts, is a terrain area offering all natural jibs, hits and glades.  (Click here to view our review of the Stash earlier this season).  You could make a whole weekend out of just […]

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