So What Do They Make?


Ever wonder what the top action sport atheletes make?  Forbes magazine just released their top 10 list of highest earning action sports atheletes.  Skate legend Tony Hawk tops the list with snowboarding’s golden boy, Shaun White following close behind.  The rest of the list was dominated by the men but female snowboarders Torah Bright, Gretchen Bleiler and Hannah Teter all just missed the $1 Million cut off, earning around $750,000 each.

1. Tony Hawk , Skateboarding – $12 Million

2. Shaun White, Skateboarding/Snowboarding – $9 Million

3. Ryan Sheckler, Skateboarding – $5 Million

4. Travis Pastrana, MX & Rally Car – $3 Million

5. Kelly Slater, Surfing – $3 Million

6. Laird Hamilton, Surfing – $2.5 Million

7. Paul Rodriguez, Skateboarding – $2 Million

8. Danny Kass, Snowboarding – $1 Million

9. Dave Mirra, BMX – $1 Million

10. Travis Rice, Snowboarding – $1 Million

See Full Story Here


~ by hrocker on February 18, 2009.

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