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If you’re thinking of picking up some new gear, there is no better time than the end of the season to do it.  Stop in at any shop and you’re likely to find prices slashed 40-60% as they try to reduce inventory to make room for next season.  When it comes to buying new gear though, it is always best to try it before you buy it when possible.

With that in mind, this past weekend my friend Seth and I visited Mountain Creek to check out the Burton Super Demo stop.  This free 3 day event allowed riders to try and experience first hand the entire line of 2009 Burton boards and bindings.  With so many new options in board and binding tech this year, from the variety of new camber options to the new EST binding system, we were excited to strap on some boards and see what everything is all about.

The weather couldn’t have been better with sunny skies and temperatures in the 40s. The spring-like weather brought out the best in Mountain Creek with snow conditions ranging from soft corn snow to east coast hard pack.  The variable snow made for great testing conditions allowing us to put the boards through their paces in a variety of terrain.  Over the course of the day we each tested 4 board and binding combos taking multiple park and freeride runs. 

Here is what was tested:

L to R: Uninc, Fix, Love, Hero

L to R: Un...inc, Fix, Love, Hero

 And here are the results:

Burton Un…inc with CO2 EST Bindings

Board Description: Directional twin tipped, medium flexing park board with Park Fly III core, carbon I-beam and elliptical kicks.

Camber: Traditional

Sizes Offered: 153, 155, 157, 159, 161 (size tested: 157)

Tester Comments: “Snappy board with lots of pop”,  “Super fun to ride”, “A classic”

Overall Result: A time tested freestyle slayer.  A poppy board that handled itself well in a variety of terrain.

Binding Description: Lightweight freestyle power with SuperBed cushioning and Canted Living Hinge highbacks.

Binding Feedback:  Lightweight and responsive, but maybe a little too responsive for our tastes.  I’ve also noticed a possible design defect with the CO2 bindings where the highbacks tend to snap at the outside edge.  I’ve had two friends who snapped theirs and several bindings came back snapped at the demo.

Fix with Un…Inc EST Bindings

Board Description: Extra soft true twin tipped park board with Scoop tip and tail and Rail Ready edges.

Camber: Zero Camber

Sizes Offered: 149, 152, 155, 158, 162 (size tested: 158)

Tester Comments: “Like a bad ex-girlfriend in bed, it just lays there”,  “A dead fish”

Overall Result: A loose and unresponsive deck with an overall lack of energy return that felt dead under our feet.

Binding Description: A mid-stiff freestyle binding with new CantBED foot cushioning system designed to take pressure off of your knees at wider stances.

Binding Feedback:  My choice for best binding of the day.  A great functional binding that does its job without getting in the way.  The EST system offered a noticeable increase in board/snow feel and coming from someone with knee issues, the CantBED footbeds provided for a comfortable natural feeling stance.

Board Description: A softer flexing park specific board that likes to be ridden hard and put away wet.

Seth with his new lady

Seth with his new lady

Love with C60 Bindings



Sizes Offered: 152, 155, 158, 162 (size tested: 152)

Tester Comments: “A great board”, “I’m feeling the Love”,  “Great energy return, whatever you give, it gives you twice back”

Overall Result: A snappy and responsive board that rode longer than the length we tested and really felt at home in the park.  Seth’s pick for best board of the day, VT soccer moms be damned.

Binding Description: Burton’s highest-end binding.  Super stiff, lightweight and responsive with all the best ingredients.

Binding Feedback:  Seth loved this entire set up.  His top pick of the day.  I found these bindings to be a little more binding than I typically would choose.   That being said, the C60 offered a solid feeling interface with premium straps, ratchets and foot cushioning.

Hero with Triad EST Bindings

Board Description: A Near-Twin shaped all-mountain freestyle board with Burton’s new V-Rocker, Scooped tip and tail and Pressure Distribution Edges

Camber: V-Rocker – 3 Point Rocker system with rocker between the feet and additional rocker at the tip and tail contact points.

Sizes Offered: 152, 155, 158 (size tested: 158)

Tester Comments: “Super Fun” , “The name says it all”, “Loose and fun”, “Fun to Press”, “Noticeable lack of pop”

Overall Result: The lightest set-up of the day.  A loose skatey feel that rolled easily from edge to edge and really shined on the rails.  A noticeable lack of pop when compared to the traditional camber of the Un..Inc or the Love.  I found the Hero to be the most fun board of the field to ride, but I look at Rocker kinda like a “booty call”… Fun to ride, but you ain’t gonna marry it.  If you want to add a fun board to your quiver, give the Hero a look but probably not best suited to being your “do it all” board.

Binding Description: A medium-soft freestyle binding with SensoryBED cushioning and underfoot impact protection.

Binding Feedback:  A solid freestyle binding with cushy straps and premium ratchets.  Like on the Un…Inc, the EST system offered a nice board/snow feel under foot.

Want to learn more about the new Burton camber offerings or EST binding system?  Here’s what Burton Demo Tour Manager, Matt Malinsky had to say about the new 2009 tech:

Learn more at Burton.com


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