Don’t Miss the Rome World Quarterpipe Championships

2010_WORLD_QP_POSTER_webIf you’re heading up to Vermont this coming weekend for the Burton US Open at Stratton, be sure to hang around on Monday for the Rome Snowboards World Quarterpipe Championships.  This is a party…er, event, not to be missed!  But don’t take my word for it.  In case you don’t know, here’s a little history on the World Quarters:

Since the late 90s, before the complete redesign and deconstruction of snowboard contests according the needs of TV and the interests of the large corporate sponsors footing the bill, a “world-class” event was created by a couple magazine editors at Waterville Valley in New Hampshire that would forever change snowboarding.  On what was probably a gray spring day in March, 1998, the World Quarterpipe Championships were born. 

Over the years, snowmobiles have been stolen from ski patrol, inflatable pools have been ridden on the hill, board bags full of beer have been dragged up the mountain, Ross Power’s Olympic-winning board has been thrown on the fire, hotels have evicted everyone associated with the event, and “contestants” have been pelted with snow and ice as they jump a bonfire on the run-in. It was, and still is, a lawless event run by snowboarders for snowboarders.  After a three-year hiatus, the gauntlet fire was re-ignited last March at Tim and Chris Waker’s Timber Ridge for some much-needed celebration of snowboarding.

If that’s not enough to entice you, there’s a rumor that Rome will be stocking this year’s event with 1,200 PBR Tall Boys…  but Shhh!  You didn’t hear that from me.

Once again, 2009 will see the World Quarters back at Timber Ridge, the lawless private resort owned and operated by the Wakers.  With the support of the Rome SDS, Red Bull, Oakley, Iceberg and co-founder Pat Bridges, the stage is set for a new rider to be added to the list of legends that have held the title of the best Quarterpipe Rider in the world. 

The World Quarters is an event that defines the word “open”:  any rider, international pro or random kid from Jersey, is free to drop in and compete.  There are no VIP tents, no media credentials, no invitation lists and no bag searches to worry about.    The mayhem is set to unfold on Monday March 23rd at Timber Ridge.  You can access the event via the free shuttle bus from the Magic Mountain parking lot.

Sponsored by Rome Snowboards


~ by hrocker on March 19, 2009.

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