Show Us Your Eesa Contest


This year Eesa invaded the Burton US Open with the goal of stickering every sign, chair, lift tower and spectator that they saw.  Now we’re asking you to help us spread the word of Eesa throughout the rest of the world.

eesa1The contest is simple… Send us a picture of your best Eesa sticker placements and whichever picture we think is the best, most creative representation of Eesa will win an Eesa prize package of goodies including some Super Sox and a fresh new bamboo T.

We encourage you to think outside the box and get creative, but keep it within the limits of the law.  Eesa and Liv2Ride do not encourage destruction of private property, the violation of individual civil liberties, the harming of farm animals or household pets and/or jay walking.  Other than that, have fun!

eesa3Send your pictures with your name and address to:

With the subject line “Show Us Your Eesa”


If you want to join the fray but lack the neccesary tools, i.e. stickers…Send an email to with your address and the subject line “Liv2Ride” and Eesa will send you a grip of free stickers to get your contest on!


~ by hrocker on April 8, 2009.

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