Rome Flophouse Contest


Flophouses are key to the life of snowboarding. When riders descend on a small mountain town, pack 8+ people into an apartment designed for 3, and ride park and pow everyday, the stories that emerge are what define the best parts of snowboarding. From Breck to Tahoe to Whistler to Killington to Mammoth.

This season, the SDS is looking for photos of your Flophouse.  In the Flophouse gallery, you can post pictures of your house and check out how other shreds who ride 100+ days a year are living around the world.

Is your apartment a Flophouse?  Are there always 3 air mattresses inflated?  Is your share of the $1000 dollar rent $125?  After 3 or 4 powder days, does your apartment smell like a bag of ass? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then your apartment is a flop house.

The SDS has been collecting entries we’ve gotten throughout the season, getting ready to vote on the World’s Best Flophouse of the 2009. The winning crew will get 5 Rome decks to fight over.  We’ll be deciding around mid July, so get your photos from the season together and get to uploading your stuff here Rome SDS Flophouse by the entry deadline, June 15th.

Email with any questions…

~ by hrocker on May 7, 2009.

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