Rome Wins the Transworld “Team Shoot Out”


This past April, the Rome SDS was one of four brands selected to participate in the first annual Transworld Team Shoot Out. It was a week-long, resort-bound contest to make a short video and shoot photos. Rome teamed up with Big Bear Mountain and brought in Bjorn Leines, LNP, Marie-France Roy, Eiki Helgason, and Will Lavigne to do the shredding. Over the course of a week, the crew spent seven days, or more accurately seven nights, filming a short shred flick called “A Hard Days Night”

The Team Shoot Out was a “contest” of progression and creativity, through film, photography, and feature construction. Transworld Snowboarding invited four teams, paired them up with four separate mountains and gave each team seven days to build and seven days to shred and shoot. Each team had five riders, two filmers and one photographer. Once the brands submitted their films in early June, Transworld got together a panel of people they trust to pick the winner based on the creativity of the video and the photos.

When the dust had settled, the Rome SDS’s “A Hard Day’s Night” submission came out on top and claimed the victory and title of the 1st Annual Team Shoot Out. Transworld announced the news today on their website and the first issue of the magazine with LNP on the cover is landing at shops and on newsstands. The Rome SDS also learned that they and Big Bear Mountain have been invited back next season to defend their title against three new teams.

Click On the links below to preview or to purchase the full Team Shoot Out Movie exclusively on i-Tunes for $4.99


~ by hrocker on July 28, 2009.

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