First of Three Ride Signature Artist Series DH2.1 Revealed


The first of three Artist Series boards, the DH 2.1, is now released! Featuring artwork from Michael J. Zepeda III, the freestyle DH 2.1 captures Michael’s unparalleled signature style and elements that make it easy to see how he has become the noteworthy artist he is today. Originally from Carlsbad, California, Zepeda went to the Academy of Fine Arts University in San Francisco and currently works and lives in Costa Mesa, CA.

Mike Z absorbs the diversity of his surroundings and regurgitates them in visual explosion of boiling energy with sawing dialogues that vibrate with a razor-edge accuracy…oh, and he can draw pretty good too. Best known for his intricacy, meticulous attention to detail and remarkable poster art, we couldn’t be more happy with the outcome.

The DH2.1 will hit select stores October 1st and availability is limited, so get one before it’s too late! Visit our DH2 Artist Series page for authorized retailers.

Each DH2 board in the series features distinctive work from influential artists and include Ride’s most innovative board technologies. Watch the countdown to see boards revealed, timed to drop 15 days prior to arrival at retail stores. Look for the DH 2.2 reveal on October 15th, available in stores November 1st, and the DH 2.3 reveal on November 15th, available in stores December 1st.

The DH2 series features Ride’s new LowRize™ rocker profile with LowRize™ specific sidecut, built to lock in landings and eliminate hook. This twin also combines our exclusive Membrain™ top sheet, Pop Stixs™ and 85A Slimewalls® for a one of kind freestyle Ride ideal for going big.

Click here to go to the DH2.1 product page for full tech details.


~ by hrocker on September 15, 2009.

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