Rome “You Are the Syndicate” Contest


Since the beginning, a key aspect of the Rome SDS has been talking with and listening to other riders, everyday riders, to have fun with snowboarding. Whether it’s our team, shop owners, shop kids, Rome reps, or anyone who emails in, this is the Syndicate.

And as with most parts of snowboarding, different riders have great ideas when it comes to designing a dope t-shirt. One of the best tees in the line this season came from Andrew Clingenpeel, a shop kid from Darkside Snowboard Shop out of Ludlow, VT. When he sent in boxes to Rome, he would do this bad-ass art work on the boxes. When Rome designer Shawn Dumont saw them hanging on the wall downstairs, he knew he was looking at a banger tee and Andrew’s art became the Disorders Tee,

Along the same lines as working with everyday riders to create t-shirt art, Rome is kicking off the You Are The Syndicate T-Shirt Design Contest. Here’s how it’ll work.

– Design a shirt that contains the word Rome, the Rome logo, or both (downloadable from
– Keep it to two colors maximum
– Submit your entries by October 15tht.
– Send your entries to  in jpeg format along with your full mailing address in case you’re a winner.

Once we choose the winner, we’ll produce a limited edition shirt. We’ll print 100 of the winning design and put custom-print serial numbers on each one. Then we’ll hook the winning designer up with shirts 1 through 10, and the remaining 90 shirts will be given away to shop kids, consumers at events and via online contests throughout the winter.
The winner will be announced by November 1st.

Start designing.


~ by hrocker on September 22, 2009.

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