Forum Forever NYC Premiere & Review

All eyes on Forum

All eyes on Forum

This past Friday night Forum held the New York City stop of their Forever premiere tour at the RedBull Loft Space in SoHo.  Always game for a party and free drinks, we made the trip across the river to check it out.  We arrived to a velvet rope mob of 50 heads strong lining up around the corner to get in.  Once in the doors we just about got a contact high from the smell of the RedBull & Vodkas a’plenty being consumed, and we immediately made our way to the bar. 

Bill Dee Brew

Billy Dee Brew

Being a snowboarding event, the movie, scheduled to start at 9PM  of course didn’t go off till after 10:30PM.  Not to worry though, this just gave us more time to enjoy the party vibe and several cans of Colt 45, classic!  The open bar and allure of the big apple brought out a fair number of snowboarding’s stars, including: Pat Moore, John Jackson, Niko Cioffi, Boznuts and Jersey’s own, Shayne Pospisil, to name a few.  Once the music and lights were dimmed all eyes were on the movie though and after a brief introduction from Pat Moore, it was snow porn time…




Cioffi, Moore and Jackson Kicking it Off

Cioffi, Moore and Jackson Kicking it Off

Forever is the 6th installment of the Forum team-inspired snowboarding movies.  Pat Moore got the show going with a banger of an opening segment, showcasing both his urban technicality and backcountry skills.  The rest of the Forum team followed up.  OGs like Joni Malmi, Eddie Wall and Peter Line (despite breaking his back last season) all put in solid parts.  Young buck, Nic Sauve showed off his urban rail dominance, but the loudest applause came for John Jackson’s closing segment.  With enough powder to choke on, Jackson showed off his backcountry freestyle skills on a variety of natural hits, cliff drops, chutes, and cheese wedges.  Rumors are that Forever will be a contender for video of the year this year.  With its blend of urban and backcountry riding and a solid soundtrack ranging from Mike Snow to Bob Marley, I can see why.  Forever definitely passed my test… it’s a snowboarding film that makes you want to go snowboard.  You can’t ask for more than that.

Zion Lion, John Jackson

Zion Lion, John Jackson

Pat Moore & Friend

Pat Moore & Friend










Forever stars: Peter Line, Joni Malmi, Eddie Wall, Jake Blauvelt, Pat Moore, John Jackson, Stevie Bell, Jake Welch, Nic Sauve, and up-and-comers Daniel Ek and Niko Cioffi.



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