Me, Myself and I – The Todd Richards Story


Last Friday I logged in to check out the live webcast chat and premiere of the new Todd Richards documentary, Me, Myself and I on Transworld Snowboarding.  Now, those of you younger shreds out there, might be thinking “hey, why’s that announcer guy getting his own snowboarding movie?  Does he even snowboard?” and for those of us who know Todd and his “unique” personality, you might just be thinking “Is he serious?  What the hell is this all about?”.  I was definitely among the latter.

I’ll start by saying that Me, Myself and I is not your typical snowboarding movie.  If you’re looking for bangers set to a rocking soundtrack, this is not your film.  What MM&I is, is a funny, thoughtful and yes… serious, documentary on the life and times of snowboarding’s favorite Masshole, Todd Richards. 

Directed by Josh Landon, MM&I explores Todd’s life and career.  Starting with his only-child upbringing in Massachusetts and his outcast skateboarding youth.  To losing his father at an early age, rising to the top of the snowboarding world, the disappointment of the 98 Olympics and ultimately his starting of O-Matic.  The film is compiled from archival footage from contests and Todd’s best know video parts, as well as interviews with Todd, his family and east coast friends such as: Pat Bridges, Joel Muzzey and Eddie Wall. 

MM&I strips away some of Todd’s defenses and gives a nice historical perspective to Todd’s place in our sports growth and direction over the years.  I’d definitely recommend checking it out if you have the chance, especially to any east coast shreds interested in the roots of our sport.  Me, Myself and I will be available at local shops later this month and is being distributed by VAS Entertainment

Click here for teaser…


~ by hrocker on October 13, 2009.

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