Burton B-Movie Premiere


Last night the Burton movie tour rolled into NYC to showcase their latest film The B-Movie.  The evening started off with a pre-party at the Burton Flagship store in SoHo.  DJ A-Dog from Burlington provided the tunes, co-sponsors AMP and Corona supplied plenty of free drinks and team riders, Jussi Oksanen, Frederik Kalbermatten and Kelly Clark stoked the fans out with an autograph session.  It was a strange but cool mix of cocktails and retail as tourists, snowboarders, hipsters, industry types and even Jake and Donna Burton themselves intertwined in the flagship store.

DSC_0020At 8PM it was time to head south over to Tribeca Cinemas on Varick and Laight for the official premiere.  Tribeca Cinemas is a small art house theater best known for its association with the Tribeca Film Festival.  With a maximum seating capacity of only 100, either someone wasn’t thinking or Burton didn’t anticipate the turnout they would receive.  Either way at 8PM the line to get in was around a city block, and shortly after there was an announcement that the theater would be offering a second showing immediately following the first, so that everyone could get in to see the movie.  This gave us some time to run around the corner to the Nancy Whiskey Pub for a few more man sodas…

The movie itself was your standard snowboarding fare, and being completely honest, didn’t meet up to my anticipation for it.  All the pieces were there … Openers went to Keegan Valaika with a nice mix of street rail and pow trickainery.  Yussi and Nicolas Muller followed up with strong backcountry parts and the Frends tore it up in the Burton Stash at Northstar.  Strangely, Burton’s brightest star, Shaun White  got very little face time with just a brief segment covering his top-secret, private RedBull pipe sessions at Silverton Resort last season.  Standouts for me went to the Swiss Alps segment with Kalbermatten, Muller and Terje showing us all what snowboarding is really about.  Jeremy Jones also showed that he can still bring the heavy metal, with a banger part of urban rail, ledge and wall riding all cut to classic Metalica.  In a unique twist, a feature and not an individual rider got the coveted closing segment.  For the movie, the parks crew at Northstar created a massive snow “B” feature, with multiple takeoffs, transitions, gaps and rails for the team to destroy.  Although impressive in its size and inventiveness, this segment like the movie as whole, just didn’t transfer into stoke for me.  I can’t say why, but for some reason it all seemed to just fall a little flat.  In summary, I’d say that B-movie is a solid snowboarding flick with some memorable moments, but not the best of the lot this season and probably not worth the $30 bucks if you’re only going buy one film this year.  But hey, what do I know?  Check it out and decide for yourself, here is the B-anger teaser (watch the rest of the teasers here )

B-Movie is available in shops and on iTunes now.


~ by hrocker on October 15, 2009.

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