Marie France Roy Mini-Twitterview


Rome’s Marie France Roy took some time out of her busy schedule of killing it and making the boys cry to answer some of our questions on Twitter today.  Here is what she had to say:

Liv2Ride: So how long have you been riding for?

MFR: Ive been riding since I was 11 years old so its been 14 years now !

Liv2Ride: When did you realize that you had what it takes to go pro?

MFR:  I just kept riding and goin to events and it all kinda happened naturally. I never thought Id be pro.

Liv2Ride: Did you ever experience any jealousy with the boys since you kill it harder than most?

MFR: lol! nope! The boys I’ve been riding with are all super cool and they help me so much.  They kill it more than me!

Liv2Ride: I’m sure there’s been one or two who were jealous over the years.  They probably just didn’t admit it.  So, what are your plans/goals for this coming season?

MFR: I’m gonna be riding lots of pow hopefully and film for absinthe again and Rome

Liv2Ride: Anything you can say about the Rome project?  Will it be a full feature this year?

MFR: I think itll be more of a 2 year project. I dont know much yet though.

Liv2Ride: Do you think coming up outta the east makes you a tougher or better rider?

MFR: I dunno. I think its all in your heart.  No matter where you’re from, you can make it happen I think.

Liv2Ride: Thanks for the time and responses. Have a great season.

MFR: Thanks to you! Have an awesome winter too! Kill it!


You can catch Marie doing what she does best in the Rome TransWorld Team Shoot Out video available on iTunes. 

More at


~ by hrocker on October 16, 2009.

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