Review: Burton Zoom Camera Pack

Burton Zoom in True Black

Burton Zoom in True Black

The Burton Zoom pack is a solid camera backpack made for snowboarding.  Like most Burton softgood products I’ve encountered, it’s obvious that a lot of thought and testing has gone into each of the features on the Zoom pack.  From the ergonomic back padding to the multitude of storage pockets, each feature is there to ensure that you have a great on-hill experience.

Zoom3As a camera bag, the Zoom is perfect.  The padded camera block is fully customizable to fit all your cameras, lenses and accessories.  As a nice added touch, it’s also removable to take on the go as a stand-alone camera case.  The ergonomic shoulder straps and back panel are nicely padded with high density foam and when combined with the load-balancing waist harness, ,keep you feeling fresh all day.  There are a ton of various sized pockets to stash things like batteries, cords, goggles, gloves and even your laptop.  The zoom is great for carrying all your photo gear for a day on the hill. 

Zoom2On the negative side, the Zoom is probably best suited for park missions or late-night urban assaults.  With the camera block in place, the 28L Zoom leaves little room for other non-photo gear storage.  If you’re looking to head into the backcountry for the day and want some additional space you might want to consider the larger Focus pack.

The Zoom is available in Haze/Agave, Tokyo Lights or True Black

Additional Features Include:

Vertical Board Carry System

Split Board Attachments

Shovel Pocket

Dual Sided Light Storage System

Removable Storage and Heater Pockets

Padded Laptop Compartment

MSRP: $134.95

In the interest of full-disclosure and FTC conformity, I purchased this item at retail and received no incentive from Burton for this review.

~ by hrocker on October 21, 2009.

One Response to “Review: Burton Zoom Camera Pack”

  1. 4DAFTC! in all seriousness, my wife has the Zoom pack from two years ago and we use it for everything from resort trips to hike ups the US Open pipe to surf expeditions to trips to see extended family. Protection is bomber, but I completely agree that space is limited. You can also usually find this pack at end of season close-outs from,, etc. as it is a specialty item. They just need to add space for a 6-pack of brew!

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