Spot Check: Killington 11-22-09

Northeast or Northwest? Killington rises out of the fog.

The 2009/2010 snowboard season has been a little slow to get started to say the least.  It seems like just when it looks like we’re starting to make progress, Mother Nature bitch slaps us two steps back again.  Throughout this meteorlogical rollercoaster only two eastern resorts have been holding strong, fighting the good fight and keeping the lifts turning. 

Sunday I was finally able to get up to Killington to see the fruits of their labors for myself, and for once I wasn’t greeted with the all too familiar “Man, you should have been here yesterday”.  As luck would have it Sunday turned out to be the better of the two riding days.  A wicked temperature inversion brought warm temps and sunny skies to the peak, while the fog in the valley must have scared many away because surprisingly there were no lift lines.  Conditions felt more like the end of the season then late November, with soft corn snow, mashed potatos and the occasional dirt patch to ollie.  Rosey and the parks crew had an early season rail park set up on Rime with 4 features; flat rail, flat box, down rail and down box.


All in all, it was a great way to spend a Sunday and it was well worth the trip just to be back on snow again making turns after the long summer hibernation.  Much thanks go out to Killington and their snowmaking team for all their efforts in providing us with the only riding option in southern New England.  It looks like snowmaking temps will be returning to the northeast this week and I’m sure “The Beast” will be roaring into action every chance they get.  Get up there and check it out for yourself.

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~ by hrocker on November 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Spot Check: Killington 11-22-09”

  1. nice pics, good to someone else that doesnt mind a little driving to get some riding in, i was there on the 7th and now it seems like it was all a dream, but the countdown for real stuff is ON!

    • Thanks Bry. Anything to get on snow, this time of year right? Hopefully our dedication and patience will be paid off this season, and this slow start will be a distant memory. Shred on!

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