Tales of a 30 Year Old Camper – Day 4

Day Four.  Last day of camp for me.  Sadness.  Day four started with another early trip up the lifts and some warm up laps through the park.  We then made our back over to the pipe to pick up where we had left off the day before.  Unfortunately, the pipe had taken quite a beating during the day and last night’s falling temps left it pretty much unrideable for us.  Not to fret, the cat was just finishing up cutting the quaterpipe so we shifted gears and moved over there.

This was my first quarterpipe session ever.  We don’t see too many true quaters on the east coast.  Maybe because they take a lot snow to make?  Anyway, I was stoked to get my session on.  Hit one: Rock to Fakie.  More speed!  Hit two: Air to Fakie.  Now it was on!  Frontside airs, backside airs, alley oops… Quaterpipes are fun!

After we sufficiently tired ourselves out on the quarter we retired to “The Rocks” for some rest and lunch.  After lunch it was on to the rails.  My mission: to stomp a proper front board.  Brandon was happy to demonstrate for me and give me some pointers.  Then it was my turn, but it was not to be… After the meeting of my spleen with the rail, the best I could muster was a few 45 degree half-assed slides.  But as the women in the my life can tell you, I’ve always had “commitment issues”.

We ended our day back on the “the fan” working on firming up our spins from the day before.  Before I knew it, it was 2PM and time for the last T-Bar up the glacier.  3 days of summer shredding had come to close.  I had come back to camp this year not really knowing what to expect.  Could a 30 year old keep up?  Would I have as much fun this time around?  Would I still be willing to sacrifice my body in the name of the shred?  The answer to all these questions was a resounding YES!  As I always say, “age is a state of mind”.  Act like you’re 16 forever and you’ll never grow old. 






I’d like to thank Whistler Summer Snowboard Camp for everything.  Sessions are going on now and registrations are still being accepted.  Go get yours! 

I’d also like to thank my friends at eesa for their support and for making me a very popular camper thanks to their box of stickers, bandanas and other goodies.

~ by hrocker on July 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “Tales of a 30 Year Old Camper – Day 4”

  1. Nice little group of features, I’d like to toss up a link to them from my site if that’s cool with you.
    Hope your summer has been going well.

  2. Go for it! Summer has been good can’t wait for winter though… HR

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